Sperm volume may contribute but doesn’t determine a man’s fertility. It is an issue of psychology; in that men feel more masculine and boosted when they ejaculate larger volumes of semen. Semen taste on the other hand can mean a lot to couples who enjoy oral sex. Note that semen will not contribute to dietary related health effects despite its richness in minerals.

It is considered that the white color of sperm is an indicator of the absence of any deviations from the norm. However, yellow semen, in some cases, is not a consequence of pathology. Male sperm often reflects his diet and lifestyle - carrots and tangerines can cause yellowish semen color. After the products disappear from the table, the normal color of the seed will be restored. In fact, the liquid characterizes not only its color, but also other parameters that can change under the influence of certain disorders of genital organs, injuries, infectious and inflammatory diseases. When the ejaculate color, its consistency, density and other indicators have changed, only in this cause it is reasonable to talk about pathologies.

Couples are frequenting in clinics today with issues related to infertility. Unlike it was in the old days, it has come to be widely accepted that male infertility contributes as much to difficulties in conception. The good thing is that the concept of male fertility has come to be largely understood. It is for this reason that we are able to preempt on effective ways which can be used to boost male fertility.

If you want to be certain that you are not going to suffer from a very yellow semen than all you ought to do is to check your mental health. In case you do not see a link then all you have to know that a lot of problems with health may actually be caused by your mental problems or recent trauma in this area. Actually, if you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction and you see that your head is actually aching at the same time than it is actually high time for you to cure your head and make sure that problems in the bedroom do not bother you at all. You can make your sperm taste better without forcing it in general.