It is considered that the white color of sperm is an indicator of the absence of any deviations from the norm. However, yellow semen, in some cases, is not a consequence of pathology. Male sperm often reflects his diet and lifestyle - carrots and tangerines can cause yellowish semen color. After the products disappear from the table, the normal color of the seed will be restored. In fact, the liquid characterizes not only its color, but also other parameters that can change under the influence of certain disorders of genital organs, injuries, infectious and inflammatory diseases. When the ejaculate color, its consistency, density and other indicators have changed, only in this cause it is reasonable to talk about pathologies.

Non-pathological causes that can change sperm color to a yellow

Usually sperm has a clear or whitish color. The yellowish color of the ejaculate can appear due to various pathological processes affecting the reproductive system, asYellow sperm may be an alarm sign that requires a certain attention! well as harmful and nutritional habits of the man. For example, excessive consumption of some citrus fruits can lead to the sperm color change. Of course, in this case, there is no any pathology. Harmful effect of natural "dyes" does not affect the properties of sperm. It should be remembered that many medications, including vitamins, can make yellow cum. Therefore, before going to the doctor, you need to think over which medications and in what doses you were taking during the last month.

Some factors that may cause turning of the semen into a yellow color

  • 1. Products. A diet with a certain set of foods or nutritional preferences can make sperm yellow, this is not considered as pathology. The color is restored after a change in the diet.
  • 2. Garlic and onion. Fans of these products should remember that onion and garlic contains sulfur, which can provoke the yellow color of seminal fluid.
  • 3. Natural fluids. If a man didn’t urinate before sexual activity or masturbating, then urine, mixing with ejaculate and paints it in yellow. In this cause, it is not necessary to be frightened, there is no any negative consequence, if it does not have a regular character.
  • 4. Organ disorders. Even a small infectious factor can lead to a yellow sperm production. Common prostatitis leads to the change in color of this liquid.
  • 5. Infections. Serious reasons to worry about the chance of a sperm color is combined with other signs - clots, burning. This shows the presence of a bacterial disease (gonorrhea, chlamydia). Chlamydia requires rapid treatment with the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Gonorrhea, treatment is more complex, as pathogens are resistant to many traditional medicines.

Some measures each male has to do in case of yellow sperm coloring

If the color of the seed is not related to nutrition and remains yellow for more than ten days, you should consult a urologist or andrologist. The specialist will initiate a survey to identify if there are some inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system. It will also be necessary to do a spermogram, according to the results of which it is possible to judge the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of sperm, the presence of some undesirable impurities in it. In addition, it is necessary to go through clinical analysis of urine, and do a three-stage test. This will allow timely diagnosis of the concomitant pathology of the genitourinary system and exclude the presence of an active inflammatory process in the bladder or urethra. Also, there is an examination prostate secretion, which is for the diagnosis of prostatitis infectious and non-infectious nature. To exclude active purulent inflammation in the prostate gland, it is necessary to do a ultrasound.