Sperm volume may contribute but doesn’t determine a man’s fertility. It is an issue of psychology; in that men feel more masculine and boosted when they ejaculate larger volumes of semen. Semen taste on the other hand can mean a lot to couples who enjoy oral sex. Note that semen will not contribute to dietary related health effects despite its richness in minerals.

What’s is the normal taste and volume

When it comes to semen taste, it is best what we first understand what semen is constituted of. Water takes up close to 96% with sperm cells taking less than 2%. Fructose, sodium, zinc and several other minerals are also contained. According to online forums and expectations from the constituents of semen, a somehow sweet but also salty thick liquid; think of how old coins taste or how a thick bleaching cleaner would taste. When it comes to the normal volume of semen, an average ejaculation for a healthy man will range between 0.9 ml to 7.5 ml. men in their thirties will experience peak levels of semen volume. This will change with the onset of 50 years.

How to Improve the Taste and Volume of Sperm – Lifestyle Changes and Healthy Diets

How to improve the taste of semen

Drinking a lot of water and eating various selected foods can help improve the taste of semen. Fruits such as pineapple and citrus fruits are good examples. Watermelons and apples have also been associated with better tasting semen. Some do recommend apples and mangoes. It is also good that you throw in one or two vegetables into the fruit mix. Such vegetables such as green celery can help. Drugs especially nicotine and alcohol will make semen taste awful. Other foods such as fish are known to add alkalinity to semen and lower the quality of semen taste. This also is associated with red meat. If you are a fan of onions and garlics, they will certainly add a strong odor to your semen. How to improve semen volume There are foods known but most thought to increase semen volume. You can try such foods and track the results. Drinking a lot of fresh liquids is however a more realistic method of increasing semen volume. Supplements containing products such as L-arginine and zinc are said to increase semen volume. Herbal products such as horny goat weed too are thought to add on the volume of semen a man ejaculates. All the same, staying healthy through diets and keeping fit through exercises is a better way of ensuring that your semen stays in the right conditions.