Many are surprised, but about half of the cases of infertility of a married couples due to males. In the list of causes are various infections, varicosity or obstruction of the vessels of the penis and other diseases. However, in 90% of cases the reason is spermatozoa disorders, or rather, their poor quality, lack of mobility or insufficient quantity. In addition, such a problem leads to a decrease in sperm volume after sexual intercourse and to premature ejaculation that cause satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

Male age directly connected with the quality and quantity of his sperm

Significantly improve the quality of sperm is possible within threeIncrease sperm volume pills for the males with sexual dysfunctions! months. However, it is reasonable to note that the older body needs more time for the recovery. Sperm can be produced up to 80 years, but its quality and quantity will become insufficient for full sexual intercourse and normal fertilization. As a rule, older males have lazier spermatozoa.

Things to do in cause of the disorder of male reproductive system

If the sperm condition worsens, you can go two ways:

  •  treat the problem with the help of medications;
  •  try the recipes of traditional medicine.

In any case, it is necessary to understand that the course of treatment should be made by a doctor and some tests are also required. It is necessary for the physician to make the final diagnosis finding out if the problem is caused by poor quality of sperm or in something else. Based on the results of the tests and the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment that can be semen volume pills if the problem concerns this issue.

Analyzes that are necessary to pass for identifying the cause of the problem

1. First of all, the doctor will collect anamnesis, getting all the information about current or chronic diseases. This step should be taken very seriously, because any minor disease can cause problems in the reproductive system.

2. Infection analysis. In this case, any hidden infection is also important for final diagnosis.

3. Analysis of spermogram. Doctor will be able to assess the actual quality of sperm, the number of spermatozoa in it’s concentration, the ratio of active, inactive and dead spermatozoa. After these examinations, the doctor may prescribe a number of other tests or prescribe increase sperm volume pills.

How to effectively improve sperm quality and quantity with drug intake

1. Medicines. Primarily, it is very important to understand that only the doctor should prescribe medicines after the patient has submitted all the tests. Otherwise, you can only damage your body.

2. Folic acid. For 3 - 4 months before the expected conceiving, it is necessary to include folic acid in your diet. It can be taken in tablet form.

3. Biologically active additives. And although it is believed that dietary supplements can be used without consulting a doctor, it is better to consult with a specialist and inform him, if there is a desire to add supplements to the course of volume pills treatment.